Monday, November 17, 2003

Pictures of our Rocky Horror performance in Utrecht last Halloween or now on-line. Especially after having seen the video yesterday I think ordering one of those Winsor Pilates instruction videos won't do me any harm...

This coming sunday we will perform in Amsterdam. Let's wait to see if my week's training will pay off.

Here's the most populair search-strings in Google from the past month:
1. eminem;

2. orlando bloom;

3. christina aguilera;

4. ryanair;

5. spongebob;

6. shin chan;

7. jennifer lopez;

8. beyonce;

9. ajax;

10. 2pac;

I can understand them all being populair but ryanair and beyonce in the worldwide top ten of most populair searchrequests? That's like trying to understand people who think the Bush family is the best thing ever given to mankind!
Impossible to comprehend.

As some of you might have noticed: the Iraqi Bodycount is now part of this site. Although there seems to be some diffuculties with showing the whole of the banner.
The number of dead Iraqi civilians is going up as we breath for mr. George W. Bush and his business-partners have decided to bomb Tigrit, the birthplace of Sadam Hussein.
Tigrit is also the place the Americans had conquered on april 14th 2003.

That's fantastic! If the town is already in your hands and you bomb in anyway, who's gonna shoot back? Those few thousand civilians? I don't think so.
They should be grateful. Thanks to the US they can speak their mind. As long as they agree with the WhiteHouse policies that is. And thanks to the US of A they've got lots of spare time since the buildings they used to work in have all been blown to smithereens. And thanks to the fact that the waterpipelines are still not repaired (after the oilpipelines were fixed one day after the so called end of the war "they" had run out of money. Or so they claim) all kind of deceases that had been banned for decades are cutting down the number of children growing up with horror stories about some evil dictator who oppressed you by not letting you think freely.
Luckily the megalomanic idiot in control of weapons of mass destruction no longer rules the country. Or does he?

"We did the Iraqi people a great favor by removing him, and so I wouldn't be surprised that any kind of violence is promoted by him, but I don't know," Bush said in an interview with David Frost for PBS-BBC's "Breakfast with David Frost."

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