Friday, November 14, 2003

This coming weekend most Dutch kids of eight years old and younger will sense the excitement that comes with the coming of Sinterklaas.
Originally the guy was called Saint Nicholas and historically he was a bishop who did a lot of good expecially for sailors, merchants and children. Hence the Dutch fascination with the character. He served as a patron for the sailors in the "golden" 17th century and as protector of merchants in far away market-places. He also served as a boogyman for our kids. The Americans stole the idea, gave him a lot of extra weight, the eyes of a Mongol, the smile of a retard and a bottle of Coca Cola and renamed him Santa Claus. The b*st*rds!

Past week was again funfilled: my son's school held a bookmarket in favour of their library and I managed to get my hands on some of the masterpieces ever let loose on this world. Books on transfigurism, history, sex and a physical handicap and more beauties. Also I think I might have found a new employer next to the one that already has me on the payroll. It looks like I've been given the role of financial advisor for foundation "The Illuseum", an interactive museum near my home that also serves as a meeting place for local artists, a podium for performance artists and as gallery for photographers, painters, sculpters and the likes.
Should you ever be in the area...

A new problem has risen and thusfar no one has come up with a satisfiying solution.
What to do if Mom finds out about blog?

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