Friday, November 21, 2003

Gene Anthony Ray, aka Leroy Johnson of "Fame" is no more. He died at the young age of 41. However awful that is, it's nothing compared to what's happening in Istanbul.
Did you also notice that the bombings in Istanbul started the day Bush and Blair got together to find more excuses to continue their "war on terror? Call it coincidence but I find it hard to believe that Al-Qaida deliberately gives them an excuse to spend even more money on weaponry than on, for instance healthcare or education...

The other week I let you know I did this flick for Flemish Television on fairground "The Efteling". One of my colleagues there was this lovely young lady. (18+!)
Have I already told you what a lucky guy I am?
It looks like my contract is gonna be expanded: from three days a week I will be officially working five days a week, starting january. Ain't that something?
Since there's an other afterschool that badly wants me to work for them the one I'm working for now has offered me this opportunity. Who am I to turn them down?

Last night's Pencak Silat training left me with aching muscles. Muscles I never suspected the existence of. Maybe I should do my Pilates excercises again in stead of just thinking about pickin' it up again. Not the fake Winsor Pilates they now advertise through Telsell but the real stuff.
Preferably tohether with my neighbour Angélique...

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