Saturday, May 15, 2004

The coalition forces will leave Iraq should the interim-government
so wish. Hah! There ìs no interim-government nor is it likely there ever will be. Should there ever be one, it will be installed by the American forces with a personal friend of the Bush family leading the new gang. Fingers up: who thinks this so called "government" will ask the "peacekeepers" ever to leave?

While Nick Berg's loved ones still mourn a Dutch soldier is being buried today after he got killed in the Iraqi conflict. He gets all the honours for having died "in the line of duty". Now I wonder: if a window cleaner falls off his ladder and dies will he receive the same treatment. If not: why not?

My son and I had a pretty good week: he went to the zoo with his class, played an afternoon in the park with his best friend, received more compliments from his karate-teacher. And me? I got to hold Emily, new born daughter of my colleague Jennifer who is still on pregnancy leave. Speaking of leave: I have no choice but to be on sickleave since I work on the third floor of a building that has no elevator. Apparently something went wrong during last Pencak Silat class with my left leg which had already been playing up for weeks but now it looks a bit more serious: apparently a cross tie
is severed and I need to rest the leg "for a couple of weeks".
Fat chance! Highly annoying, that is...
However it does give me the chance to catch up on my studie and reading. Still about 35 books on the shelves I haven't read yet...

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