Friday, September 09, 2005


Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff (movielink) has an explenation as to why the National Guard was not immediately deployed:"They only get deployed within 24 hours when there's a huge emergency".

Strangely enough I did not see rich white people when I tuned in to see images of people who are hit by Katrina. This fact was also noticed by Michael Moore and he wrote an open letter about it to George Junior.
(Via Janice Pierre)

Distraction from all this for me came from my mother's 70th birthday, thursday a week ago. The day itself she took me and my son out to eat Chinese and sunday she celebrated with the rest of the family, including my daughter. Wednesday I took my son to his very first baseball-game ever: China against Cuba, leading to the next round in the 2005 worldchamionships. At the end of the second inning Cuba lead bij 6-0 but China fought back to 8-7. Cuba finally won by a margin of four: 12-8.

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