Saturday, November 05, 2005


Most people already knew it but now it is a scientific fact, proven by Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein: Having materialistic goals may lead to dissatisfaction with life and even to mental disorders such as paranoia. People who spend their money on experiences rather than objects are happier overall. Nice.

I second that because although being an actor at The Amsterdam Dungeon does not pay all that much, I'm now much happier than when I was a bookkeeper and made almost twice as much. And thanks to my new job I got to take my kids to Sealife Scheveningen where they explain a lot about life in the Northsea. Entertaining as well as educational. On top of that I've got a great bunch of colleagues and a boss who actually listens to the people from the workfloor. And to be honest: I just love scaring the wits out of German tourists...;-)


mike said...

Me happy too. Much happier than a job that pays good, but SUCKS!!! The Dungeon is unique, fun, various and has lots of nice and funny and crazy peeps. Let's go karaoke!!!!!!!

Terrebel said...

Whatsya doin'here, Mike?
Move your ass over to!