Friday, February 20, 2009

Skywatch Friday

The other day I was in the beautiful Dutch province of Frisia ("Fryslan" as the locals call it or "Friesland" as it is called in Dutch). A few days later I heard I didn't get the part but I did take some pictures whilst I was there and underway. Here they are in a slideshow.

Note: Every SWF-picture published here is shot with my trusty Nokia N93 mobile phone and is unedited. For more Shywatch Friday photo's from around the globe, please check


Bradley Hsi said...

We always say that a good image is not created by the camera but the photographer. You took some very nice pictures. Sorry you did not get the part. Hope you have a better luck next time

Jane Hards Photography said...

Your trisy mobile done a great job. It is true as a phototogrpher is is the person that is more important than the camera.