Friday, August 14, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Last week I showed you a picture of a construction with a flag on top of it, taken at a festival. Here's the same flag on the same construction. Later that day. Or earlier. Or the day before. Or after. I can't seem to remember.

Near my place there are twin-appartmentbuildings, commonly known as "The Piramids". Whilst actually they should be referred to as "The Christmas trees" as the architect stated he modelled them after the christmas-tree in his office. Here's (part of) one of them.

It's a bit less than half an hour walk to one of my favourite parks so sometimes we take a tram. This one's taken, sitting at the tramstop-bench. You can see the tramstop's uncommon ceiling.

Note: Every SWF-picture published here is shot with my trusty Nokia N93 mobile phone and is unedited. For more Skywatch Friday photo's from around the globe, please check


Sylvia K said...

Terrific shots, Terrence! That apartment building does look like a Christmas tree! Like the tree in the last shot!

Have a great weekend!


ms toast burner said...

You take great photos with your trusty mobile phone; I'm impressed!

Good luck with you time-warp continuum type problem... 'time heals' as they say. ;-)

Louise said...

I really like that Christmas tree building!

Camilla :) said...

Beautiful pictures!

Jan K. said...

Of het nu een pyramide is of een kerstboom, ik vind het een mooie foto en voor zover dat zo te beoordelen is, lijkt het me een mooi ontwerp.

Lorac said...

Wow! With a camera mobile? You have done well.