Friday, September 16, 2011

Skywatch Friday

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Note: Every SWF-picture published here is shot with my trusty Nokia N8 mobile phone  and is unedited.

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"Fire and water" at a festival last weekend

Traderoutes of the Dutch in the 17th century

"Almost home" with oldest daughter

Reflection of sunset

Yesterday (day after my 44th birthday) near my mom's

Yesterday, before getting groceries

Yesterday, after getting groceries

Last sunrays


Sylvia K said...

It looks as though you had a terrific day,Terrence! And what a lovely way to end the day! Such beautiful skies! Really enjoyed your pics for the day! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy!


eileeninmd said...

Lovely series! The sunset look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your photos and skies. Have a great weekend!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Nice photos.

Regards and best wishes

Genie said...

What a divine day for an outing. Such a pretty series which amazes me you used your mobile phone. Technology is amazing. All the shots look like they could have com from a fine camera. genie

J Bar said...

That looks like a very interesting festival. Thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

Kcalpesh said...

Nice captures!!

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