Monday, September 29, 2014

On credit cards and a coffee cup salute

I don't have a credit card but believe in not buying anything when I can't afford it. And the rates are way to high on credit cards! So I have a debet card only and an 'old' (18 months old) phone. But no debts. While most people don't seem to care about the future and even governments spent more than they make I live a debtless life. The thing is: a lot of people don't seem to think anymore. Fox News tells them: 'George Bush would never disrespect soldiers by saluting them with something in his hands, like Obama did when he saluted soldiers while holding a coffeecup.' And people believe it!
Are people really that stupid that they blindly believe anything someone at Fox News tells them?
Too bad that people have become too lazy to look things up and to think for themselves because here is the simple truth that Fox News is lying. Again.

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