Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Is homosexuality wrong?

'So tell me, why did you beat up that gentleman?'
-'Well, he's gay, your honor, and I just hate fagots!'
'By 'fagots' you mean 'homosexuals'?
-'Yes, I believe - and the Bible is with me on this - that homosexual sex is against God's will and unnatural.'
'And that believe gives you the right to beat up people?'
-'Yes, your honor, because homosexual people are not people at all!'
'Is this DVD we found in your appartment yours?'
-'You mean my copy of 'Lesbian Vampire Killers from Outer Space'? Yes, your honor, it's mine. Just some innocent fun. Make belief, you so will. A harmless fantasy.'

'So you really like this film in which women are torn apart by an alien squid that uses all his tentacles to...and then gets blasted to pieces by two young girls that then use the dead alien squid's tentacles on eachother to...but not before the squid has intercourse with another male of its kind?'
-'Yes, your honor, just like I said: some harmless fun!'
'And if a comic book were made depicting young naked children being stroked by an adult man or woman?'
-'That would be just sick, sir!'
'And identifying yourself with a homicidal sexually overactive homosexual alien squid is not!? And where does the Bible state it's okay to have fun watching homosexual alien squids having sex? Please explain that to the court.'
'Ah, well...er...yes...er'

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