Tuesday, September 22, 2015

All life is sacred! Right?

When then president of the United States George Bush, invaded Iraq, he told the president of France he did that 'because God told him to do it'. Click this link for the full story on that.

Of course all white world leaders are decent christians. Apparently it's wrong to kill other people, following the logic: 'Me religion requires me to do so.' At least, that's what those same world leaders claim when they bash islam and blame the religion (a religion is not a person, stupid! And therefore can't be blamed. It's the people who practice it who are often idiots) for just about everything that is wrong in the world, including the killing of innocent human beings.

But killing people from the base of christianity seems to be not a problem at all. 'God is on our side so if innocent civilians die because we toss bombs at people we think might become terrorists one day, that's not our fault but part of God's plan.'

Why is that? And who decides which life is sacred and which is not? Is the life of a Panda bear sacred? Your dog? The mice under your floorboard?

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