Thursday, January 14, 2016

Do you feel safe? And does your child?

What do you feel when you watch this video?
'Oh, yeah, children feel safe when they don't see strangers. I get that!'

I am sorry to say so but here are the facts of child molestation in America:

1 in 20 male adults is a child molester. 1 in 3300 women are. Yes, there are women who 'touch' children for their own gratification.
93% of all child molesters is religious so saying: 'It can't be him because he goes to church!' is more of a reason to suspect a person.
79% is caucasian so stating: 'Watch out for dark skinned people!' is a stupid thing to teach your child.
A staggering 90% of all children who are molested gets molested by someone they know well: a father, an uncle, a neighbour, a teacher. Teaching your child 'to watch out for strangers' may cause your child to get seriously hurt because you basically teach him or her to blindly trust adults that are known very well.

And yourself? Do you feel safe? Or did you lock yourself up in a nice comfortable area surrounded by camera's and fences to protect yourself from people who want to abduct you and lock you up?

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