Thursday, February 11, 2016

First it were Jews...

In retrospect everybody hates what the Nazi's did to the Jews. At the time it actually happened most people couldn't be bothered. They weren's Jews and it happened to people in far away countries! Right? A ship full of Jewish refugees ankered just before the coast of the United States. Of course the US government held out its arms and welcomed the poor people who fled from Nazi terror! Wrong. The ship was send back and over 900 were send back to Europe. Around 25% of those men, women and children perished at the atrocities of the Nazi regime.

Anne Frank herself was denied entrance to 'The Land of the Free' 'because America is full!'

Now there are hundreds of thousands of people who demand Muslims should wear a recognizable insigna of some kind on their coats so you can spot 'those terrorists' easily from a distance. Some kind of big cotton yellow M will do just fine...(But people might think all Muslims work for McDonalds!)

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