Thursday, June 02, 2016

What's privacy?

'What's privacy?', our (grand)children will ask us. And we won't know the answer. What can we tell them? The people sworn to protect our private data did so by collection our private data and used it for personal gain. Yeah. Nobody controls the people who are in control. So they can do as they please. And what do people do when they know they can do as they please without suffering consequences? They do as they please.

As they did in England:

The (government) services themselves admit that in most cases they had absolutely no reason whatsoever to tap someone's phone, check their e-mails, ask for medical records, find out where people go on holiday, et cetera.

As a matter of fact: often the officials used their power to check on an ex-partner, send a birthday card to a highshool sweetheart they could only find by checking the secret government database, find out if a potential partner has a history of STD's...and so on.

And let me ask you: if you really care about your privacy, why do you publicly post all this data about yourself on Facebook?

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