Thursday, July 28, 2016

What's the No 1 problem in the world today?

What's the number 1 problem in the world today? TERRORISM! TERRORISM! TERRORISM! Wrong. Although of course it's terrible that there are people out there willing to kill and die for their believes, terrorist attacks 'only' kill about 7,000 people a year. That's the same number of people who die every year from eating peanuts. How much does your government spent on banning peanuts from bars and airplanes? Share on Twitter

What's terrorism? Most people agree it's threatening with or using violence to force others into adopting your way of life. By that definition Israel and the USA are terrorist organisations. Share on Twitter

Why do people use violence? Usually because they feel threatened. So if they wouldn't feel threatened anymore they would cease to be terrorists. Easy solution: stop threatening people! Share on Twitter

Other people fight because they lack basic needs like food, shelter and education. So give them food, shelter and education! Share on Twitter

Others use violence because someone has done them wrong. Easy solution: stop the wrong doing! Share on Twitter

Some use violence because they're sick or simply idiots.

More reasons why there is so much violence in the world? Let me know in the comments!

(More later on the REAL problems in the world)

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