Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Ever thought of the Ubuntu Society?

Originally the planet (and all of its resources) belonged to all of us. One day a few people decided they were entitled to owe more than others. Until this day nobody knows why. From that day people had to work harder than others, just so they could have a little piece of what someone else had. Simply put: we used to work four ours a day to pick some fruit and catch a rabbit. Now we had to work for eight hours, picking fruit and catching rabbits for someone else, just so we could buy the same amount of fruit and rabbits.

This system lead to where we are today: a lot of fruit gets and rabbits get thrown away because there are not enough people with enough money to buy that fruit and those rabbits and people are starving because somebody picked all their fruit and caught all their rabbits.

This system is called 'capitalism' and it's not working. Except for the one percent that owns all the fruit and rabbits. But within a few decades there will be nobody left to pick the fruit and catch the rabbits for them and the one percent will have to come down from their ivory towers and pick their own fruit and catch their own rabbits again. And the whole cycle starts anew.

I can think of only one solution to break through this cycle: remove all borders so no one own anything anymore and have politicians, historians, scientists, farmers and economists come together to come up with a new system to evenly divide the earth's resources. A hopeful way is called Ubuntu. Here's more on that:

So, what are your thoughts on the subject? Let me know in the comments section.

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