Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Treat others like you want them to treat you

If people are treated like [CENSORED], they will act accordingly. But there are still people out there who apparently think that if a person is treated badly, that person will turn to becoming the nicest person imaginable. As if people will stop using violence if you hit them hard on their nose. Or blow up their kids.

Maybe you have a really good reason to mistreat a person. Most obviously because that person has done something nasty to you or a loved one. But what if you take the first step and start treating that other person like a human adult? You know, if you would treat that person in the same manner you want that person to treat you?

Consider this: what have you got to loose by trying?

You want some evidence that this behaviour could actually work? Take this Norwegian prison system as an example:

So, what do you actually want? Bad people going to prison and come out as even worse people? Or people going to prison, coming out as really, really nice neighbours?

And what if YOU are that person going to jail? How would YOU like to be treated? For the Christians amongst my readers: Can you call yourself a Christian if you treat others like you don't want to be treated yourself?

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