Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Why a wall?

Since the invention of the aeroplane walls have basically become obsolete. But apparently no one has told Donald Trump. Het thinks drugs are dangerous 'because a heavy bag of drugs hurts a lot when it falls on your head when thrown over the wall so the wall needs to be really high.'

His words would be simply entertaining if he weren't the president of the United States of America.

A wall will not stop crime. A wall will not stop drugs. A wall is pointless.

What if a wall would really stop immigration? And what if the wall had been build 200 years ago? Amerca would be very empty without people like mr. Trump's grandfather. People like mr. Trump's wife. People like mr. Trump's ex-wife. People like almost all Americans.

Question for American readers: would you be living in America, had a wall been build 200 years ago?

Here are a few arguments against a border wall between America and Mexico:

Not to mention: what will it cost and who will pay for it?

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