Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Do you value your privacy?

80% of those surveyed lack confidence in how businesses handle location data, and 84% of people do not trust that laws and regulations will effectively ensure that their location data is not intentionally misused. Find the article here. (click)

There are people who won't go on Facebook because they're worried about their privacy. They even tell their friends about it via WhatsApp, possibly not knowing that since 2014 WhatsApp is in the hands of Facebook...

Lucky for you that you have nothing to hide. Except maybe your phonenumber, your home address, the name of your children's school, the type of pornography you watch, that time you got drunk at a party and you...

'Yeah, but I guard my privacy well. I change my passwords every other week, turn of WiFi and GPS on my smartphone when I go out and even put my smartphone on airplane mode when I'm having a sensitive meeting where company secrets might be discussed.' Hey, good for you! But is it really as safe as you think it is?

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