Wednesday, May 23, 2018

There's more than one way of looking at it

It's not called 'comfortzone' because it has such a nice ring to it. It's called 'comfortzone' because it's a zone we feel comfortable in. But does that mean we can't feel comfortable in other zones? Or even outside zones in general?
We feel comfortable knowing what we know and base our new experiences on the ones we are already familiar with. Take this picture for example. You probably have seen dozens like it: people enjoying a great concert after the sun has already set:
Except that this is a picture of a harvesting machine at a cotton field.
See what I mean? What you think you see is not always what you see and when you see something that doesn't mean your way of seeing is the only right way to see it. As in this example:
Almost always there's more than one way of looking at things. How do you see this assumption?


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