Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Some argue it's good news, some argue it's great news. Some argue it's a shame movies like this one are not made anymore. Or are they? And what do you think of the Star Wars Holiday Special?

In this movie the characters celebrate 'Life Day'. To me that makes more sense than celebrating the birth of a character not on His birthday but on the day a different people already celebrated a special day. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia, honouring the god Saturn. The new church of Christ decided to move Jesus's birthday from march (beginning of spring!) to December to make people easier used to worshipping a then new god.

Oh, and fun fact: American (and English) Christian conservatives once outlawed anything that had to do with Christmas as they found it not okay to celebrate a Pagan ceremony. It's true. You can look it up. I did. It's easy.
And did you know that Saudi Arabia (Donald Trump's biggest ally and also the country most 911 hijackers are from) has put a ban on celebrating Christmas? What would happen if mr. Trump's evangelical supporters find out?

Past December in The Netherlands we celebrated Sinterklaas ('Santa Claus' in an older form), Christmas and New Years Eve. That last event was celebrated at the very same time all around the world. Except it wasn't. Completely arbitrary it was once decided to celebrate the birth of a new year not on the shortest day of the year but on a date marked on a calender.

Other people in other countries celebrate different parties throughout the year, based on local traditions and history. To claim one culture is 'better' or 'worse' than somebody else's culture is complete and utter nonsense.

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