Friday, April 09, 2004

Don't you just love al this Newspeak?

"Hired Contractors" as in the recent happenings in Fallujah were once known as "Mercenaries". Of course it's awful what happened to the four American "Civilians"
but aren't we forgetting something? They were coldblooded murderers, hired by the American Government so they could officially keep their hands clean. Their job was to kill anyone suspected of being a terrorist leader. They provoked the people of Iraq by driving right through the city of Fallujah as conquerors while they could have easily have taken a detour to prevent unwanted reactions. Did they think they were immortal
or could not die because they are protected by their American passports?
Unfortunately (and not only for their loved ones) we can't ask them those questions anymore. Let's hope George Junior and his mates take their responsibilty and willingly pay the penalty for their actions...

Here's what American veterans have to say on the subject.

Back in 1998 this was Madeline Albright's opinion on war against Iraq. Recently, in an interview with CNN Turk she called the bombing of Iraqi soil "a choice, not a necessaty". Now there's a change of opinion...

Last wednesday I had a day off because I had the chance to be with my daughter all day. Of course I grabbed that chance and it was a wonderful day on which we went for a walk, went shopping, had dinner, picked up her brother from afterschool.
When she was picked up by her mother and sister all there was left was a deaftening silence...I'm afraid I took it out on her brother. Or so I noticed when I realized I wasn't being as forgiving as I normally am. Next day I apologized to him and luckily he accepted. So, to buy off my conscience I got him a Yu-Gi-Oh deck of playing cards.
The coming weekend we'll be spending in a hotel in the lovely provence of Gelderland.

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