Friday, April 30, 2004

A serious Googlewhack just hit the streets folks! Apparently my weblog is the only onlne source that states the question: "why did the americans invade iraq?"
Ain't that something?

Today we celebrated the birthday of the late Queenmother Juliana. Officially it's the celebration of the Queen's birthday but nevermind that. Today was also the first time I ever walked around in a skirt without someone paying me to do so. Unfortunately my son didn't make as much money as he had hoped for but the wheather was great
and so was the company.

We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful wheather later in the afternoon in the presence of neighbour Miriam, our daughter Eva and her sister Dayna. Neighbour Angélique and her Australian guest looked really great in their respective outfits which I was fortunate enough to see when at the end of the day they shared their experiences and a cup of tea with yours truly.

Queensday is simply the best day of the year!

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