Sunday, July 11, 2004


2004 email contacts and guestbook of all private companies and their insurance in new zealand

I dropped my son off at my moms so I could make a start cleaning out for the coming of the new wardrobe-closet next week. Luckily a fleemarket-visit is planned for sunday.
Earlier that day Ferdinand and I went kiting with friends of ours (Marcel, Lenneke and their kids: Erin and Lyanne) at IJburg, Amsterdam's latest win on the sea.

a friend on mine, Bas and I shared a table at a big fleemarket where my net profit existed of 46,08 euro's. Neighbour Angélique left for the States for two weeks (A gift to herself for getting her Bachelor status), giving me a bit of rest...

in the morning I did six miles on the hometrainer at the fysiotherapists and kids at work plucked me flowers. Sweet, eh?

the kids at work re-invented limbo-dancing with colleague Marieke and Ferdinand was happy to receive a European Soccer Championship 2004 game, courtesy of the local supermarket.

I took my chance to give the bedroom a paintjob since my son was staying at a friends: Samer.

it was the end-of term drink at work where more parents showed up then was anticipated with the buying of wine. There was just enough for half a bottle per parent. And then there was this crate of beer as well...My mate Erwin came by to help my finish a crate that was still there since the Rocky Horror BBQ.

it was the last schoolday for a good many kids, including mine.

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