Saturday, July 17, 2004

Will George Junior win the elections?

What elections? There will be another "terrorist"-attack

and the state of emergency will be declared and elections

will be postponed until the situation is "safe" which will be never.

This is my prediction. What is yours?

In the States at the moment is neighbour Angélique.

Through modern techniques, known as "e-mail"

she send me a hilarious link. It's called The Sloganator. Although I wouldn'say George Junior and Dick Cheney

would find this very amusing. They probably can't even laugh about the jokes in

"Are you being served". Especially the ones about Mrs. Slocombe and her bleedin' pussy..

(For those of you who need to be told: that was a joke...).

If you'd like to know what my son and I have been up to the past week, just let me know...

Catch'ya later, dudes'n dudettes!

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