Monday, November 08, 2004

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For those still interested: Here's the American Presdent's resume.

Is George Junior's re-election enough reason to end you own life? A 25-year old lab-assistant from Georgia apparently reasoned it is: he shot himself through the head in New York, behind the fences at Ground Zero.

So it had to come this far: people are so unhappy wtih their government that they prefer to kill themselves.
And was George Junior really re-elected? You can start doubting that fact when you take a look at all the unragularities that took place during the elections. The most notorious one for me being the fact that in a district in Ohio a bit over 300 people showed up to vote and more than 4000 of them voted for George Junior.
That's really clever. However, if you take in consideration that of the four companies producing the ballot-machines three are in the hands of the Bush-family or direct friends then only one question remains:
why do the American people just sit back and let this all happen?

Then again: in our own small part of the world Theo van Gogh, a filmmaker and collumnist who enjoyed kicking people against the shins, whatever their race or preference, was brutally murdered by a muslim-extremist who apparently protested agains van Gogh's anti-muslim films and collumns..
So, the "whole" nation turned against Islam, extreme right wins votes in parliament and Islamic schools are being blown up. I wonder what would have happened if van Gogh's murderer had been a vegetarian Swede who protested agains van Gogh's overwhelming love for pig-meat?

I hold on to memories: I remember our Rocky Horror-Halloween-performance a week ago. And I remember the fun we had in the pool yesterday when my daughter exclaimed: "Look, daddy, there's a really big bubble in the jakuzi! O, no, it's my brother!"

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