Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Which one of the two Bonesmen, Bush or Kerry, can call himself "strongest man in the world" for the next four years? And will it matter? Will it matter for the people in Darfur, Birma or Iraq? Will it matter for the people that suffer from the American boycot in Cuba, for the people who are illegaly detained in Guantanama Bay-prison?
All we can do is find out if the two candidates mean what they said in the past few months or they just uttered some hollow words to attract votes...

My son wasn't feeling to well last week so he stayed at my moms for a few days. This past weekend I celebrated Halloween on the stage of the theatre where I experienced my first ever steps in the world of acting;
It was The Rocky Horror Picture Show back then as it was last saturday...Back to my roots!

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