Sunday, October 24, 2004

It's not that I don't think of my non-Dutch readers. It's just that for the past two weeks there were other priorities.
Like studying. You see: the sooner I graduate, the sooner I will receive a pay-rise...;-)
On top of that our weekends were fully booked. Last weekend both my recognized children and their father went to the town of Valkenburg where we visited some ancient caves and castle ruins. Eva goes to school since she turned four recently so I had to pick her up from there. It was particularly exciting because she goes to school on the other side of town near to where she will soon be living with her sister, their mom and the latter's boyfriend. The schoolbuilding happens to be in the same street as where I used to live with my first ever girlfriend. I was young, at the time. And she was even younger...

This weekend my son and I first went to Velsen-Zuid, near the coastline, to play Trivial Pursuit with a bunch of people, including some castmembers of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The following morning we went to
Spijkenisse to see my godchild and his mother. Because we were there anyway we decided to meet up with our friend Daniëlle, who also happens to live in this town near Rotterdam.
The sunday-evening cardclub was cancelled and when the first visitor for the evening arrived Ferdinand was already fast asleep. So he mist his natural mother, neighbour Johanna and he missed neighbour Angélique who came down with a belated birthday-present for yours truly.

Cinnamon Girl is the latest video by the-artist-formerly-known-as-Prince-who-turned-himself-into-a-symbol-
It tells of an Arab girl who doesn't look it that feels forced by circumstances beyond her control to blow herself up at the airport. The clip suggest it might all be a dream but is it really?
Has Prince made political statements before? I can't seem to remember...

It just might be possible for a non-born American te become President of the United States of America. Just in time for Arnold Schwarzenegger
to follow George Junior in his footsteps, since his brother Jeb won't be able to do so because of some controverse that will be found out about around the year 2007. The script-writers of Demolition Man might have thought it was a good joke when they let Sandra Bullock's character offer Sylvester Stallone's character a visit to the President Schwarzenegger Library. Perhaps they had a little inside-information. Who knows?
And why shouldn't citizens be able to choose naturalized people as their president? After all: of the first ten American presidents only two where born on American soil...;-)

In Demand
, the US's leading pay-per-view channel, is scared. Scared of the people who pressurised them into not transmitting Fahrenheit 9/11. Like many others they don't have the guts to stand up to the Bush-family and their friends. I wonder why...

Bush or Kerry?
You decide...

For those who are not elligible to vote in the upcoming presidential elections (because they are not American citizens for example) here's a chance to make your vote count:


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