Friday, October 01, 2004

2004 email contacts of rich people in germany


Of course you've heard about a radical change of opinion before.
With the upcoming elections the presidential script-writers have come up
with a new name for them: Flip-Flops. Naturally George Junior accuses
John Kerry of having Flip-Flops (And rightfully so, I may ad).
To equalize their chances here's the Top Ten of Bush's flip-flops.

Winning in Florida a problem for George Junior?
Not as long as brother Jeb runs that state and Glenda Hood is in charge
of the election-procedure. Read the full story here.
Former president Carter's recommandations are not met for reasons
unknown to all citizens occupying this part of the known galaxy.

Some idiot fires a granate from a house and the Israeli's decide not to
go looking for the one who did it but simply flatten the whole area,
leaving fourty families homeless. What does that remind you of? I
immediately had to think of the once so popular zippo-raids:"Somewhere
in this village there's a spy hiding but where? Oh, nevermind, just
kill every villager and you're sure to kill the spy as well. End of
problem." Au contraire, mon ami. It's only a new beginning since a
bunch of people will be extremley ticked off by the fact that a lot of innocent
people have been killed in the proces and will start planning
"terrorist" attacks. Of course, decent law-abiding folk would never do
that. They would write a letter of complaint. Just like you, right?

Let's imagine you live in a nice suburb just outside Chicago and your
neighbour runs amok. The government troops, after a 12 minute search,
decide they can't find him and simply bulldozer down his house, along
with some fourty others, including yours. Naturally you won't blame
them, let alone sue them or get angry. You would sent a letter of
recommendation to their superiors for a job well done. Right?

I don't think so...

A good thing the men executing the 9/11 attacks on the US carried Saudi
passports. (I never understood why Saudi passports are fireproof and
those of other nations are not but that's an other issue). Should they
have had the Cuban nationality helicopter-companies would be making a
lot of money with tourists circeling over "The Curator": the crater
formerly known as Cuba or Cuban Crater.

The world is better of without Sadam Hussein. That's not what they said
in the eighties when they send Donald Rumsfeld over to meet with Sadam
Hussein, ask him not to deploy chemical weapons and offered him support
in his war with Iran in trade for oil-consessions. Why doesn't
anyone seem to remember that?

You tell me.
I'm sorry to have stated all of the above. Or let me rephrase that:
I'm sorry it needs to be done. I'd much rather tel youl about my wonderful kids,
family and friends, colleagues and neighbours. Then again: you might want to read my Dutch weblog should you be interested in my personal life. It is written in Dutch, though...;-)

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