Friday, September 24, 2004

Yom Kipur, A celebration of forgiveness.

Read what Danya says about it.

On Yom Kipur you ask people for forgiveness for all your wrongdoings. Sort of like saying your Hail Mary's
for Catholics. Unfortunately some people think they can get away with everything as long as they ask for forgiveness afterwards. Not so. You commit a sin, ask to be forgiven and promise not to do it again.
Yhat's the whole point: DO NOT DO IT AGAIN!

That's also the goal Emmanuel Goldstein would like to reach: for the powers that be not to arrest people
who simply use their right to demonstrate. On august 31st. he and some 1200 other protesters got arrested in New York for protesting. Officially they were blocking the curb, an act which is obviously illegal. Here's his story. A similar thing happened on the Eurotop 2001 in Sweden: Dutch activist Maarten Blok got arrested for "planning to cause trouble". Dutch minister of Justice, Piet Hein Donner, thought the Swedish police had a good case against Maarten and put him on the plane to Sweden. Although video-footage as well as witness-testimonies showed he was innocent Maarten still had to stand trial. Today the news came he is officially innocent and will not be prosecuted any further. But damage is done. Not only Maarten and Emmanuel but all people who value freedom are now afraid to express their freedom of speech and use their right to demonstrate.

The powers that be seem to have won this battle. But the war isn't over yet...

On a lighter note, now: it's obvious summer has stepped aside to make place for autumn.
The heater is burning and both me and my son are caught by a flue-virus.
It better be over by tomorrow since there's a performance planned of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Look here and here for pictures of our last performance.

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