Sunday, September 19, 2004

I know I'm a bit late with this entry but let's just say I had other priorities..

First, of course, there was a show we did on friday. Here's the address for some more info on that:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has a wide following all over the world. There's even a shadowcast in Israel!
Of course I already knew that but not until I saw the Israelian "Janet" it became more than a thought.

It was my birthday last tuesday and the kids at work and my colleague spoiled me rotten and I didn't feel really comfortable
sitting in a dressed up chair with over a dozen children chanting for me...brrrr...I'd much rather address 30,000 people in a speech at a major dance-event like I did here.

At the start of this weekend I invited a few people to see me get drunk because I just made an extra move, moving towards "the big four o". A few of them stayed for the night ("or maybe a bite") to enjoy the aftermath of the next morning. I already had told her mom that I would pick up my daughter an hour later than usual. So now I'm thoroughly enjoying a quiet weekend with my kids. A whole weekend without "have to's". Great!

Although there's a lot going about in the world, in the world I call "home" all is well...

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