Friday, September 10, 2004

find 2004 email guestbook of multinational company in germany.

For what reason would anyone type in above searchrequest? All this effort to commit fraude...sometimes you'd think getting a regular job is less hard work!

Remember how everybody spoke with disgust when they talked about how that mean system called communism, especially under Stalin, did everything to control the people and that it was bad to have the government check everything you do and therefore communism is a bad thing? Well, in the America of today the situation has gone out of cntrol so badly that Joseph Wisarionowitschj Djugasjwili would wet himself laughing reading about the ongoing debate stating that Americans in this day and age find it a good thing that they have lost very right to privacy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was like really really little (minus two years old) when negotiations started concerning the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Austria but amazingly enough he remembers seeing the tanks in the streets.
"Communism at work" he calls it. Unfortunately he forgets to tell why they were there. Does anyone remember? I bet Arnie's late dad did. Did you know around 70 percent of the Austrian population has nazi-sympathies?
So I guess his father was not the only one who thought Adolf H. was one of the good guys.

Top ten farces of the Bush administration.

And don't forget to check out this hilarious video.

After a very nice working-week and looking after neigbour Miriam's three cats as a result of which I had to call in sick since I got a bad reaction due to my cat-allergy, tonight a performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is scheduled. On the deck of a ship this time...

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