Friday, October 08, 2004

Before I rattle on about war not being the solution to "terrorism",
"communism", "drugs", "homosexuals", "muslims" and other subversive
elements in society and America not being the greatest nation in the
world (no nation is, really but...hush...don't tell the liberals!) and
the Bush family not being the best thing that ever happened to mankind,
I think you should read what "the other site" has to say:

So. Now that you've had your laugh you can read on.

Here's a nice article on takedown (in PDF-format). Apparently seven in
ten Dutch hosting providers remove a website after one single complaint
coming from a Hotmail-address without checking the contents of the site
or checking if the plaintive (or the complaint for that matter!) is

According to Donald Rumsfeld there's no relation between Saddam Hussein
and Al-Qaida. According to Dick Cheney there is. Conclusion: one of the
two must be lying but which one? And does it matter? 'cause Now in
either case that might be proven, the Bush administration can always
say "Told'ya so!" whilst "the other person" just "happens" to be on
Kerry's payroll...
You can forget what I've just stated when you firmly believe I'm just
being paranoid. Which just might be the case. If I really am, I can't
be the judge of that. Unless I'm also suffering from MPS of course...;-)

Saturday my son and I were part of the third largest demonstration ever
held in the Netherlands: a quarter of a milion people marched against
the government plans: Cutbacks on education, health and pension. On the
other hand they spend bilions on a new bomber nobody needs (except for
the people building the d*mn thing) and a new trainrail-connection
no-one except for the contractors (who quite often happen to
coincidentally be (friends or relatives of) members of parliament).
It was good to have been there although the government has already let
the people know they they will go ahead with favouring themselves and
their friends. There's only one group of people in the country that
will have more to spend next year: House-owners that have paid off
their mortgage. In other words: most members of our government.
Now there's a coincidence. Right?

After the demonstration we ordered a new matras for my son and had a
couple of beers with my best friend at my place. Served by Ferdinand
who has become a big fan of the home draft-machine. Quite a few people
have one now: it's a lot cheaper than getting a beer at a cafe which is
about 2 euro's for half a pint. (Almost 2 dollars or a pound thirty)
Sunday Fer's mother came by for the use of her visiting right; my
mother came over and my son went to the sauna for the first time in his
life. It was made a little easier because neighbour Angélique now works
there as a volunteer. All cleaned up we went over to neighbour Miriam's
place to celebrate my daughter's birthday. Although officially she
would be four on monday, it was decided to have the party the previous
sunday. Tuesday marked the official very first day of school for my son's sister.
I'm told she loves it...

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