Friday, July 01, 2005


Holding the people of Kazaa accounted for the misuse of their product is like sueing mr. Colt for the deaths of thousands of peaple each year, being killed with a gun by their make.
Speaking of lilling: have you ever taken the War on Iraq IQ-test?
It's quite revealing, I can tell you.

Today I went to this cafe to say hello to Marieken after her three months stay in the US. It was fun seeing her again.
Last weekend I got to spend a few fantastic days with my son and daughter. The latter I picked up from school on friday and together we picked up her brother from afterschool. Amongst other things we went to the pool and overall we simply had a great time, filled with love and harmony.
You can tell my son is on his way to becoming a teenager. Every age has its advantages but sometimes I'd wish he was still small...
Ah well, I still have daughters who are quite young.

An advantage of being unemployed is the fact that I have more time to spend drinking coffee with my neighbours. This morning it was with neighbour Wynona and early in the evening it was with neighbour Angélique who also had stayed for dinner and was kind enough to look after my son whilst I was out for a drink.

Sometimes I feel very fortunate, leading such a great life!

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