Wednesday, July 27, 2005


This week summercamp started. The very first day it rained all day long and amazingly enough not all parents had given their kids a raincoat for the journey, so quite a few kids had to stay in their tents whilst others enjoyed themselves building huts and roling of the dunes...
Next week I'll join the gang as a volunteer. Since I officially stopped working with children this is a way for me to at least work with them occassionally.

My jobhunt is still going very well although the fish seem to refuse to bite.
At least being unemployed gives me time to wash the drapes and stick a five year supply of photo's into albums.

And although according to some "specialists" Amsterdam can be blown up any minute, I can't be bothered.
In the end we'll all die, anyway and as long as more people die of starvation, old age, the flew and falling of the steps whilst hanging up the drapes, I shall not worry about so called "terrorists". One has more to fear of people thinking you are a terrorist. Look at my country. As a terrorist-counter measure they implemented a system ths Nazi's liked very much and Jozef Stalin used to control his subjects: The obligation to wear identification at all times. Although our government is more strict than old Joe: Everyone over fourteen should carry an ID, under Stalin the minimum age was sixteen.
In the past six months over 35,000 people were fined because they couldn't show one.
Not one terrorist was caught. Not a single other criminal was brought of his/her plans.
Only 35,000 law-abiding citizens got harrassed.

Oh, and in case you wonder what this Rocky Horror Show-thing is I keep putting in my posts:
Here's a short summary.

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