Wednesday, August 17, 2005


My son and I spend the last week in the city of love: Paris. We actually lived there as we where able to use the appartment of a friend of ours. We did all sorts, including going to Versailles and walk through the gardin of Louis XIV. We also visited Napoleon's las resting place and the largest fleemarket in Europa: Clignancourt. We didn't succeed in getting there last year but this year we managed to find the Moulin Rouge so I'll gess my son has to see the film now, the one with Ewon McGregor and Nicole Kidman that is. We will also see the film feauturing a girl called Amelie Poulain because we might recoignize some of the streets where it is filmed.
For the full story on our trip to Paris, read my Dutch weblog.

Too bad nobody filmed the killing of Jean Charlez de Menenez, right after the London bombings.
The Brazilian electricien was shot dead after alledgedly having fled from the police who tracked him after he had left a suspicious house. He looked suscpicious, left a suspicious house, wore a suspiciously thick jacket and he fled for the police. Those were the apparent reasons for shooting him throught the head at point blank range.
According to a new report, however, this was not the story.
According to the new revelations mr. Menendez was not running (a man runing from the police does not stop to pick up a copy of a complementary newspaper), was not wearing a thick jacket (unless you call light denim thick) and was not shot on the run (unless he was racing through his mind).

The London Police now has some explaining to do...

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