Friday, August 26, 2005


My thoughts today are with the people in Paris who's appartment-building burnt down, leaving 3 adults and 14 children dead. Unfortunately these things happen. It actually doesn't matter to the victims how it could have happened: was it an accident, was it lit?

On the other hand I don't feel real guilty that my life is going smoothly in the direction of good times ahead:
Last wednesday I auditioned for the part of actor at the soon to be opened Amsterdam Dungeon. The next day I was summoned at a workshop to see how we would perform as a group. Whatever the result: at least I've learned a few things I didn't know before and had two enjoyable afternoons in which I got to know some interesting people.

My son is at my moms for a night and a day for I need to work tomorrow as entertainer at a dance-event called Mysteryland. So should you happen to be in the neighbourhood of the Haarlemmermeer (not far from Amsterdam), join us at the Minibar!

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