Saturday, November 22, 2014

Does money make happy?

Are people with more money happier than people with less?
The answer to that ancient question is in this article:

In short: Generally speaking people are happier when they can afford experiences and not material goods.

Spending time with your loved ones creates a better feeling than buying them stuff. Can you remember that, coming holidays?

To prove it, you can sign the pledge to not spend any money for one whole day on November the 29th. I'm in. Are you?

Here are twenty ways to live more and buy less:

Helping others also - in general - makes us happier than helping ourselves. But apparently not in Fort Lauderdale, Fa, where a 90 years old man got arrested for helping the poor. As it seems, the American government is so ashamed for it's own policy over the years that created the problem of poverty that they don't want tourists to see they messed up. So people who show other people there is a serious problem concerning poor people are a threat to the system and should be locked up. No matter their age or intentions.

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