Thursday, January 08, 2015

How one man invented Public Relations

You only buy what you need, right? Wrong!
I bet you own more then you can carry with your bare hands.
Why is that?

It's all because of one man: Edward Bernays. His uncle, Sigmund Freud, had a few ideas about the sub conscious of men and Edward found ways to influence our mind. He called it 'Public Relations' and we all know what that means:
marketeers can make us think we want something really bad. We want a new mobile phone because the one we have is 'over a year old'! That's right: we want a new one, not because the old one is broken but because it's 'old'.

Stupid, right? But how do they do it? How do 'they' make us want something we don't need? There are many answers to that question but there is one simple way to not fall into the trap of overconsuming: think before you buy!

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