Thursday, January 01, 2015

War is wrong. Always.

Think about the reasons for war. Leave out: 'Selling more weapons', 'Obtaining oil rights' and see what reasons are left. 'The way we believe in God is better than your way of believing!' and 'I want the piece of desert you live in!' and 'God told us we can have your land!' Well, maybe so. But did He also tell you to kill everyone on that piece of soil? I don't think so. 'But it says so in the Bible!'

The Bible is a collection of books, written over a periode of several centuries, from all kinds of different people and cultures. The King James version was re-written by the churchleaders at the time, just to suit their purposes. Don't believe me? Look it up.

And before you say: 'Yes, but sometimes war is good', look at he following video and tell me if you have changed your mind:

So, what is your New Years resolution?

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