Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Let's give your neighbour a gun!

Why go to a foreign country to get shot? You stand a better chance as a child getting wounded at the hands of a firearm in America!

Nearly three times more kids (15,576) were injured by firearms in 2010
than the number of U.S. soldiers (5,247) wounded in action that year in the war in Afghanistan (source: CDF, CDC, Department of Defense)


People who favour (yes, the word 'favour' comes with a 'u'. That's English.) guns often state the argument that most people who are killed are unarmed. Logic dictates that you stand a better chance of surviving if you arm yourself. Right? Wrong! It's a fake argument. It's like saying: 'Most traffic accidents don't involve alcohol so if people would drink more there would be less car accidents.' That's the same logic. It's a bit like saying that people on welfare have it easy because they don't have to pay for a parking permit and therefore have more to spend than people who need a car because they have a paid job.

But let's bring in more guns! Everyone knows a gun is the perfect weapon against violence. Right? Fact is: if violence really is the best way to end violence, there would be no more violence.

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