Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Protect our children from bare nipples!

Of course we want to protect our children! Right? That's why we teach them to hate dress wearing men with beards. It's why we teach them to be scared of strangers. That's why we keep them away from anything that even remotely has to do with sexuality.

But most muslims - just like most christians - are okay people. Here are 6 insane news stories about (muslim)terrorism that turned out to be total BS.
More people are killed by guns, automobiles or peanuts than by muslim terrorism. Most children who are molested are hurt by people they thought they knew well, not by strangers. And why is it so bad to let children know everyone has nipples?

Remember 'Nipplegate'? Earlier I wrote about Janet Jackson's nipslip at the Superbowl half time show. Half a million Americans officially complaint that when they freeze framed the video at a certain time interval, they could just see a bare nipple. So half a million people went through hours of footage just so they could see a bare nipple. That's rather pervers don't you think?

Well, the people at Facebook seem to think it is very wrong to even hint at a bare nipple. This picture was taken of the social media platform. Can you tell me why?

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