Tuesday, June 02, 2015

We won't give without asking anyting in return

Little kid overheard in public transport:

'Mommy, why are people angry with Alexandra?'
-'Alexandra is Greek, darling.'
'But why are people mad at her?'
-'Because the Greek government can't pay it's bills.'
'Why can't they pay their bills?
-'Because they don't have enough money.'
'Why is that Alexandra's fault?'
-'Because people like to blame individuals for what groups of others do.'
-'Because a lot of people are stupid and biased.'
'But can't we give money to Greece?'
-'We did but they can't give it back and people don't want to give money without something in return.'
'But you give me allowance, don't you? Without asking anything in return?'
'Why don't they give Greece some allowance?'

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