Thursday, March 17, 2016

What's worse?

Can people who were born blind be racists? Does an exploding bomb hurt less when it's not made by a muslim? Does a mom grief less when her child dies as 'collateral damage' from an allied bombing or when it dies from hunger?

Horrible! 3000 People died in the 9/11 attacks. 17 Died in Paris with the 'Charlie Hebdo' murders and 130 died in Paris on Friday the 13th of november 2015 when a few muslim extremists decided to do something with their hatred of the Western world.

Did you know by far most terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe were NOT excecuted by Muslims? I'm not giving you the link here but urge you to look it up for yourself and think. No, don't watch Fox News and go like: 'Oh, yeah, sure!' but make up your own mind. By yourself. Without watching the news. Please.

300,000 died in a tsunami in Asia, a couple of years ago.
Muslim extremists mostly don't kill white 'christians' but Muslims who disagree with them. On a daily basis people are killed for mostly religious reasons. But mostly in far away countries like Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. 

So we don't care.

Here's one guy that does:

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