Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Embrace technology or die

New technology puts people out of work. That's not something new. When people started driving cars it put carriage manufacturers out of business. Some went into the business of building car parts. Others simply moved on to new jobs. Or stayed unemployed for the rest of their lives. Even newer technology will put even more people out of a job. That can not be stopped but is simply a reality. New technologies replace old ones.

Even today there are not enough jobs in every field to provide a living for everyone capable of working. Perhaps we should abandon the idea that only people who get paid to work are useful to society. Maybe economists, sociologists and politicians should look into new ways of living in a society. Or combine efforts to turn back all the advantages of technology and return to the dark ages. When there were less people to feed, was more work to be done and everyone who did not work or had people working for them, simply died. So, do you embrace technology or would you rather die from starvation or easily preventable diseases?

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