Tuesday, June 27, 2017

If Obama had said what Trump says

What if then president Obama had told the CIA they are just a bunch of Nazi's? And when literally confronted with the highest ranking people in the intelligence agency a few days later simply state: 'When I said that, I meant the complete opposite. Of course!' I think Donald Trump would have said some harsh words directed at Barack Obama.

What do you think?

Do you - like Trump's son Eric - that Michelle Obama had access to a timemachine when she copied her speech from Melania Trump?

Mr. Trumps very first official statement to the press as president was his claim that the turnout at his inauguration was the largest in American History. 'The field was filled with people right up to the very back of the Mall.'
Well, reporter Raj Mathai stood there and shot a short video with his mobile phone while Donald Trump spoke to the crowd

(Click the link to see the video) 

Of course, politicians are known to lie. But shouldn't we worry when a president's primary concern is not the people's wellbeing but his own hurt ego?

He promised we would give 'many jobs' to 'a lot of Americans' and to put an end to immigrants taking over American jobs. So his followers must have been extremely surprised when the very second Donald Trump became President the very first actual job he created was for an immigrant.

And speaking of Melania: what was she thinking in this moment?

And I posted this question on Twitter:

The new president is known for his cheating on his wifes and his lack of respect for women. So, because pictures often say more than words, here you can see the differences between the former and the current president in how they treat their First Lady:
I know, this is 'just a moment' so to be totally cool here are a few more shots from the same batch. Just to show you the...er...full picture:

Here the two couples are enjoying dinner:

Here is another picture as an example from how the two men - earlier in their careers - treat their ladies:
If you could be married to either one, which man would you prefer to be your husband?

Mr. Trump often complained that President Obama used to play golf when on vacation. 'I will never do that!' he shouted at rallys when running for president himself. 'A president is too busy to play golf!' A promise he broke by playing golf at his own weekend resort. Every single weekend of his presidency. In the first month alone of his presidency The Donald cost the American taxpayer 10% of what the Obama presidency cost them in eight years (Click). It's true.

What's NOT true is that 'all those immigrants are criminals!' But the Department of Homeland Security simply lies (click) to the American people.

And about his ties with Russia (not alleged. It's proven): I think it's more than a coincidence seven Russian diplomats suddenly died (click) in a course of several weeks when investigation started surrounding Trump's ties to Vladimir Putin. And how come Mr. Putin is the only world leader who hasn't been insulted by The Donald?

Of course mr. Trump will never ever reveal his tax returns. Simply because the truth about his businesses would come out. He will resign the presidency rather than release his taxes.  (click)

Until a few months ago people could get in direct touch with the Whitehouse to complain, talk to personnel, react to news, congratulate a president with his wife's birthday or whatever. Now, when they call, they are told the Whitehouse only communicates with 'the common people' through Facebook Messenger. Alas, the message does not provide a contact number, accountname or address. So the Trump Administration made it impossible for citizens to directly address an issue with Whitehouse staff. I wonder why...(no, I don't).

What I personally find extremely hypocrite is that the American people and their leaders (Republicans and Democrats alike) were outraged at the thought of a foreign nation interfering with their elections. If there's one country that has often interfered with other countries elections, it's the United States of America!

The things the new President Of The United States (POTUS) says appeal to a lot of people. Basically because he 'speaks their language'. Meaning he chooses his words like a twelve year old who's learning the language. Inventing words like 'bigly'. It may be the reason he does not like regular people to get a proper education. That's why he chose Dolores Umbridge Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Who does not know the basic rules of English grammar. As shown in this tweet.
Hir first thing on the agenda: taking money away from public schools to give that money away to private schools.

The fact her family donated 200 million dollars to the Republican Party of course had nothing to do with her nomination.

The new 'leader of the free world' wants more jobs for more Americans. I'm afraid it's merely a matter of time before he says: 'Wars create jobs. Let's have more wars! It's great for the weapons industry and when lots of people are killed that creates even more jobs! A great way to kill lots of people is using nukes. We have so many of them! And so many people worked on making them! And they were so expensive! So it would be a shame not to use them! Hey, there are Muslim terrorists in Paris so let's bomb Germany!'

The Donald thinks healthcare is like buying expensive furniture: if you want it, you should pay for it.

He does not want people to receive free or 'cheap' healthinsurance so his first act as president was to repeal The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as 'Obamacare'. Yes, they're one and the same plan.

So I guess he took away the free healthcare plan from all those Republicans in his army cabinet who always voted against Obamacare. But what a surprise: he didn't!

Here's a clip that could explain a lot about the new president:

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this. While you can still freely share your thoughts that is. And - since I wrote this earlier - if Donald Trump is still President of the United States of America.

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