Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The human equation

Every year around 98,000 people die of medical mistakes that could be easily prevented. In America alone!

So forget terrorists. When it comes down to killing civilians doctors and nurses do a much better job. Thing is - although some find it hard to believe - doctors and nurses are people. People get tired, cranky, distracted. In short: people make mistakes. And imagine yourself being a surgeon and they bring in your nasty ex who's really hurt you a lot? Would you stay professional and offer the best help you can give? Would your hands not shake?

Wouldn't it be great if people could be taken out of the equation when it concerns other people's lives? Good news! Remember Watson, the IBM computer that won Jeopardy? A similar computer program (click) can be used for medical diagnostics, reducing the chance for medical errors almost to zero. So what are we waiting for? Two things: people to stop being afraid of computers and people to stop being afraid of losing their jobs.

I wrote a piece on the subject and published it on LinkedIn (click if interested)

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