Friday, July 07, 2017

Is Climate Change a hoax?

Donald Trump says he is convinced that Climate Change is a hoax, invented by 'the Chinese' in an effort to hit the American economy. But what's the real reason Donald Trump wants America to pull out the Paris Climate Agreement? Could it have to do with the 22 senators who urged their president to withdraw? And who just happen to make a lot of money in the fossil fuel business? Coincidence. Of Course.

But isn't there anything we could do to get rid of our addiction to fossil fuels? Accept for jailing
the ones responsible for hurting our planet in excange for money? Yes, there is:

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Robert Weynschenk said...

I think it's real . Just look at the Northpole where the ice is melting and great chunks of ice break lose and drifts by the current of the Pacific ocean southwards . Why ? . Because the ocean's waters are warming up causing all this to happen so in a matter of years there will be no North pole . Question is . What will happen to the azis of earth? .