Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What if mankind is God's attempt to create artificial intelligence?

What if mankind is God's attempt to create artificial intelligence? The experiment got out of hand and He tried to end it: The Great Flood, Soddom and Gomorra, plagues...

A computer program is already diagnosing diseases. And doing a much better job than most doctors. An algorithm is helping judges to decide if one is guilty or not. And saving them lots of time, so the judge can focus on the human element to decide wether someone receives the minimum or the maximum penalty.

Should we be scared of those computerprograms? Or should we be scared of who controls them? Should we fear hackers?

At the very least we should discuss the pros and cons and think of solutions for problems that don't exist yet. Are you in?

And what if they really do become completely selfsufficient or even self aware?

It looked like Facebook's experimental chatbots were doing just that: they appeared to have developed a way of communicating only they understood. And Facebook pulled the plug. Making many believe the people from the social network got spooked. In fact they didn't. They just didn't think chatbots who can only chat with eachother and not with human customers make not much sense. Here's the full article:


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